What Is Silver(chandi) Rate In Peshawar Pakistan 2024 ?

Silver, commonly referred to as “chandi” in Urdu, has been a valuable commodity throughout history due to its wide range of uses and inherent beauty. In Peshawar, a historical city in Pakistan, the silver rate is influenced by various factors, both global and local. As we look into the silver rate trends for 2024, we will explore the factors that influence these rates, the current trends, and the potential future outlook for silver prices in Peshawar.

What Is Silver(chandi) Rate In Peshawar Pakistan 2024 ?

Understanding the Silver Market

Historical Significance of Silver

Silver has been a precious metal for centuries, used in jewelry, currency, and various industrial applications. In Pakistan, silver is culturally significant, often used in traditional jewelry and ceremonial items. The demand for silver in Peshawar is driven by both its aesthetic value and its practical uses in electronics, medicine, and manufacturing.

Global Factors Influencing Silver Prices

Silver prices are influenced by global economic conditions, including:

  1. Economic Stability: In times of economic uncertainty, silver, like gold, is considered a safe-haven investment. Investors flock to precious metals to protect their wealth, driving up prices.
  2. Industrial Demand: Silver is extensively used in industries such as electronics, solar energy, and medical instruments. Increased industrial demand can push prices higher.
  1. Currency Fluctuations: The value of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar can affect silver prices. A weaker rupee makes silver more expensive locally, while a stronger rupee can make it cheaper.
  2. Inflation: Higher inflation rates typically lead to higher silver prices as investors look for assets that retain value over time. For more information you may visit our compitaters website.

Local Factors Affecting Silver Prices in Peshawar

  1. Cultural Demand: Peshawar, being a city rich in cultural heritage, has a consistent demand for silver jewelry and artifacts.
  2. Market Dynamics: The local supply and demand dynamics in Peshawar’s markets can cause fluctuations in silver prices.
  3. Government Policies: Import duties, taxes, and other regulations imposed by the Pakistani government can impact silver prices.

Current Silver Rates in Peshawar

As of 2024, the silver rate in Peshawar has shown a steady trend with periodic fluctuations influenced by both local and international factors. On average, the price of silver in Peshawar in the early months of 2024 has been around PKR 1,500 per tola (approximately 11.66 grams). This rate is subject to change based on market conditions and other influencing factors.

Monthly Breakdown

  • January 2024: The silver rate started at PKR 1,480 per tola, reflecting the global market’s response to economic uncertainties.
  • February 2024: A slight increase was observed, with rates reaching PKR 1,510 per tola due to rising industrial demand.
  • March 2024: The rates stabilized around PKR 1,500 per tola as market conditions balanced out.

Daily Fluctuations

Daily silver rates can vary slightly based on immediate market transactions and short-term supply-demand imbalances. Traders and investors closely monitor these fluctuations to make informed buying or selling decisions.

Predicting Future Silver Rates

Predicting future silver rates involves analyzing both historical data and current market trends. Several factors can influence future silver prices in Peshawar:

  1. Economic Policies: Any changes in the economic policies of major economies, particularly the US, can impact silver prices globally and locally.
  2. Technological Advancements: Innovations in technology, particularly in renewable energy and electronics, can increase the demand for silver.
  3. Geopolitical Events: Political stability or instability in key regions can cause significant price movements in precious metals.

Expert Predictions

Experts predict that the silver rate in Peshawar could see a moderate increase throughout 2024. The average price is expected to range between PKR 1,500 to PKR 1,600 per tola, assuming stable economic conditions and consistent industrial demand.

Investing in Silver

For those considering investing in silver, it is essential to stay informed about market trends and potential risks. Silver can be a valuable addition to an investment portfolio, offering both stability and growth potential.

Investment Options

  1. Physical Silver: Buying physical silver in the form of bars, coins, or jewelry is a common investment method in Peshawar. It is tangible and can be stored safely.
  2. Silver ETFs: Exchange-traded funds that track the price of silver can be a convenient way to invest without holding the physical metal.
  3. Silver Futures: For more experienced investors, silver futures contracts can offer significant returns but come with higher risks.

Risks and Considerations

  • Market Volatility: Silver prices can be volatile, and investors should be prepared for price fluctuations.
  • Storage and Security: Physical silver requires secure storage to prevent theft or loss.
  • Economic Conditions: Broader economic conditions can impact silver prices, and staying informed is crucial for making timely investment decisions.


The silver rate in Peshawar, Pakistan, is influenced by a complex interplay of global and local factors. As we move through 2024, keeping an eye on these influences will be essential for anyone involved in the silver market. For more details you may visit our page “silver(chandi) rate in pakistan“. Whether for cultural, industrial, or investment purposes, silver continues to hold significant value and interest in Peshawar. By staying informed and understanding the market dynamics, investors and consumers alike can make the most of their engagement with this precious metal.

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