AngelMom Locket – Model #AML30

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  • Captivating Allure: The beautiful sparkly pendant is an alluring gift, adding an enchanting touch to your or your loved one’s style.
  • Meaningful Gesture: Whether for yourself or a loved one, this pendant holds sentimental value, making it a cherished and thoughtful gift.
  • Comfortable and Versatile: With dimensions of 0.6″ (15.7mm) in height and 0.25″ (6mm) in width.


Happy Mother’s Day

For all the times that I forget to thank you

For all the special little things you do

For all the words that sometimes

Go unspoken

I need to say I love you

Love you Mom

The pendant is a heart-shaped charm made of cubic zirconia. The necklace is a 16-inch sterling silver chain.

This necklace is a thoughtful and sentimental gift for a mother on Mother’s Day. The message card expresses the giver’s love and appreciation for their mother, and the cubic zirconia charm adds a touch of elegance.

  • Radiant Elegance: The sparkly pendant exudes radiant elegance, making it a captivating and eye-catching gift that will elevate any outfit and style.
  • Versatile and Thoughtful: This beautiful pendant is a versatile and thoughtful gift, perfect for yourself or a loved one, symbolizing love and appreciation.
  • Comfortable Wear: With dimensions of 0.6″ (15.7mm) in height and 0.25″ (6mm) in width, the pendant is comfortable to wear daily, adding a touch of allure and charm to your or your loved one’s look.