Updated on: 25 june ,2024

Gold rates n Pakistan change daily and are determined by global economic factors, supply and demand dynamics, and currency exchange rates. 

In Pakistan, gold prices are quoted per 10 grams. Gold is considered a stable investment and many buyers and sellers actively trade in the precious metal. This page shows today’s latest gold rates in Pakistan for different karats and cities.

Live Gold Price (Per Ounce)

Latest Gold Rate in Pakistan for Major Cities (rates per 10 grams):

Today Gold Prices in Major Cities of Pakistan

Gold Rate in KarachiKHI241800241900Live chart
Gold Rate in LahoreLHR241850241950Live chart
Gold Rate in IslamabadISB241900242000Live chart
Gold Rate in QuettaUET242000242100Live chart
Gold Rate in PeshawarPEW241950242050Live chart
Source : Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association | Updated on: june 23, 2024

Gold Price in Pakistan

Gold Rate24 Karat22 Karat21 Karat18 Karat12 Karat
Per Tola Gold Price
Rs. 241800

Rs. 221648

Rs. 211575

Rs. 181350

Rs. 120900
Gold Per 10 Gram
Rs. 207310

Rs. 190033

Rs. 181396

Rs. 155483

Rs. 103655
Gold Per Gram
Rs. 20731

Rs. 19003

Rs. 18140

Rs. 15548

Rs. 10366
Gold Per Ounce
Rs. 587720

Rs. 538739

Rs. 514255

Rs. 440790

Rs. 293860
Gold Price in Pakistan Chart

Daily Gold Rates in Pakistan (Last 15 Days)

Pure Gold Rates (24K) per Tola

DateClosing RateDay HighDay Low
26 Jun 2024Rs. 241800Rs. 241800Rs. 241800
25 Jun 2024Rs. 241800Rs. 241800Rs. 241800
24 Jun 2024Rs. 241800Rs. 242150Rs. 241600
23 Jun 2024Rs. 241650Rs. 241650Rs. 241650
22 Jun 2024Rs. 242000Rs. 242000Rs. 241800
21 Jun 2024Rs. 242000Rs. 242350Rs. 241800
20 Jun 2024Rs. 240900Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
19 Jun 2024Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
18 Jun 2024Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
17 Jun 2024Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
16 Jun 2024Rs. 241200Rs. 241200Rs. 241200
15 Jun 2024Rs. 240700Rs. 241050Rs. 240500
14 Jun 2024Rs. 240700Rs. 241050Rs. 240500
13 Jun 2024Rs. 241150Rs. 241500Rs. 240950
12 Jun 2024Rs. 240900Rs. 241250Rs. 240700
11 Jun 2024Rs. 240500Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
10 Jun 2024Rs. 239500Rs. 239500Rs. 239500
09 Jun 2024Rs. 239500Rs. 239850Rs. 239300
08 Jun 2024Rs. 238700Rs. 239050Rs. 238500
07 Jun 2024Rs. 243350Rs. 243700Rs. 243150
06 Jun 2024Rs. 242750Rs. 243100Rs. 242550
05 Jun 2024Rs. 240600Rs. 240950Rs. 240400
04 Jun 2024Rs. 240500Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
03 Jun 2024Rs. 240400Rs. 240750 Rs. 240200
01 Jun 2024Rs. 240250Rs. 240600 Rs. 240050
31 May 2024Rs. 241100Rs. 241450Rs. 240900
30 May 2024Rs. 241250Rs. 241600Rs. 241050
29 May 2024Rs. 241800Rs. 242150Rs. 241600
27 May 2024Rs. 242300Rs. 242650Rs. 242100
25 May 2024Rs. 240500Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
24 May 2024Rs. 240400Rs. 240750Rs. 240200
23 May 2024Rs. 240500Rs. 240850Rs. 240300
22 May 2024Rs. 243200Rs. 243550Rs. 243000
21 May 2024Rs. 243200Rs. 243550Rs. 243000
20 May 2024Rs. 243350Rs. 243700Rs. 243150
17 May 2024Rs. 242400Rs. 242750Rs. 242200
16 May 2024Rs. 242400Rs. 242050Rs. 241500
Last 15 Days Gold Rates in Pakistan

Gold prices in Pakistan depend on a variety of global and domestic factors including:

  • Global gold rates and international market trends
  • Currency exchange rates of Pakistani Rupee vs US Dollar  
  • Gold demand and supply dynamics in the local Pakistani market
  • Inflation and economic conditions in the country
  • Import duties on gold and government regulations
  • Global crude oil prices which impact gold as an alternative investment

The gold rates are updated multiple times during the day as the situation changes. This page shows today’s gold price in Pakistan which can fluctuate during market hours.

Check back daily for the latest and current gold rates across major cities of Pakistan only on our website!

The gold market in Pakistan is a vibrant and dynamic segment of the national economy, with significant cultural and financial importance. Understanding the daily fluctuations in gold rates is crucial for investors, traders, and individuals who view gold as a safe-haven asset. Our dedicated page on “Gold Rate in Pakistan” offers daily updates on gold prices, ensuring you stay informed about the latest market trends.

Note to Readers:

Please note that gold rates are subject to change and can vary from city to city. We recommend verifying the rates with your local gold dealer before making any transactions. Our website strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, but we advise readers to use this information as a guideline and conduct their research as well.

Historical Significance of Gold in Pakistan

Gold has always been an integral part of Pakistan’s history and culture. It is not only considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity but also plays a critical role in various traditions, especially in weddings and festivities. This cultural significance further amplifies the economic importance of gold in the country.

Understanding Gold Rates

The price of gold in Pakistan is influenced by a variety of factors, including global market trends, currency exchange rates, and local demand and supply dynamics. The rates are primarily determined in the international market and are then adjusted locally considering the Pakistani Rupee’s strength against the US Dollar and other currencies.

Daily Gold Rate Updates

Our website offers daily updates on gold rates, providing both 24K and 22K gold prices in different units such as per gram, tola, and ounce. These updates are sourced from reliable and authoritative financial sources, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. Whether you are an investor looking to buy gold bars or a consumer interested in purchasing jewelry, staying updated with the latest gold rates is essential.

Market Analysis

In addition to daily rate updates, we provide insightful market analysis. Our financial experts dissect the trends and offer predictions and insights, helping you understand the market movements and make informed decisions. This analysis includes a review of global economic conditions, currency fluctuations, and other relevant factors.