22 April 2024

Welcome to our dedicated page for the latest gold rates in Lahore. As a valuable resource for investors, jewelers, and individuals interested in the gold market, our page provides daily updates on gold prices. Our aim is to offer accurate and up-to-date information to help you make informed decisions.

Today’s Gold Rates in Lahore Pakistan:

As of 22 April 2024, the price of gold in Karachi is as follows.

24K Gold (1 Tola)243850 Rupees
24K Gold (10 Gram)209065 Rupees
24K Gold (1 Gram)20906 Rupees
22 April 2024 Gold Price

Gold prices fluctuate due to various factors including economic conditions, global market trends, currency values, and more. In Lahore, the gold rate is influenced by both international markets and local demand-supply dynamics.

Lahore Gold Price Chart (per tola)

Daily Gold Rates in Lahore (Last 30 Days)

DateGold 10 gramsGold /Tola24K Gold /gram22K Gold /gram21K Gold /gram18K Gold /gram
03 Feb 2024191280223100191281753416737
02 Feb 202419162022350019162175651676714372
01 Feb 202419093022270019093175021670614320
31 Jan 202418930022080018930173521656414198
30 Jan 202418990022150018990174071661614243
29 Jan 202418905022050018905173291654214179
28 Jan 202418900022040018900173251653814175
27 Jan 202418900022040018900173251653814175
26 Jan 202418896022040018896173211653414172
25 Jan 202418913022060018913173371654914185
24 Jan 202418948022100018948173691658014211
23 Jan 202418896022040018896173211653414172
22 Jan 202418887022030018887173131652614165
21 Jan 202418940022080018940173621657314205
20 Jan 202418930022080018930173521656414198
19 Jan 202418922022070018922173451655714192
18 Jan 202418870022010018870172971651114153
17 Jan 202418913022060018913173371654914185
16 Jan 202418922022070018922173451655714192
15 Jan 202418896022040018896173211653414172
14 Jan 202418950022100018950173711658114213
13 Jan 202418948022100018948173691658014211
12 Jan 202418930022080018930173521656414198
11 Jan 202418879022020018879173061651914159
10 Jan 202418887022030018887173131652614165
09 Jan 202418870022010018870172971651114153
08 Jan 202418819021950018819172511646714114
07 Jan 202418930022070018930173521656414198
06 Jan 202418922022070018922173451655714192
05 Jan 202418836022070018836172661648214127

Why Follow Gold Rates?

Investment Decisions:

Gold is a popular investment choice. Knowing the current rate helps investors make timely decisions.

Jewelry Purchases:

For those planning to buy gold jewelry, staying updated with gold rates ensures they get a fair deal.

Economic Analysis:

Gold rates can reflect economic trends, providing insights into the country’s economic health.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Lahore

International Market:

Global gold prices significantly impact local rates.

Currency Fluctuations:

Changes in the Pakistan Rupee against the US Dollar can affect gold prices.

Supply and Demand:

Local demand for gold, especially during festive and wedding seasons, can influence prices.

Economic Policies:

Government policies, taxes, and import duties can also play a role.

We provide not just daily rates but also insights into the trend of gold prices. This information can be crucial for those looking to invest or sell gold at the right time.

Historical Gold Rates

Understanding past trends is essential for predicting future movements in gold prices. We offer a historical data section for a more comprehensive analysis.

Gold Purity

Gold rates vary based on purity, measured in karats. The most commonly traded types are 24K, 22K, and 18K gold. We provide rates for different purities to cater to various needs.


Staying informed about the latest gold rates in Lahore is crucial for a range of financial decisions. Whether you are an investor, a prospective buyer, or just someone interested in the gold market, our daily updates will keep you informed and ready to make the best decisions based on the most current data.


The gold rates provided on this page are based on information obtained from reliable sources but are not guaranteed as being accurate. Gold prices are subject to market conditions and may vary.