Daily Gold Price Update in Pakistan – [june 5, 2024]

Welcome to our dedicated page for the latest gold prices in Pakistan. Every day, we bring you the most up-to-date and accurate gold rates, catering to investors, jewelers, and individuals who keep a close eye on this precious metal’s market trends. Understanding the significance of gold in the Pakistani economy and culture, we ensure that our data is reliable and timely, aiding in your financial decisions.

Today’s Gold Rates in Pakistan:

As of 5 june. 2024, the price of gold in Pakistan is as follows (please note that these rates are subject to change throughout the day):

24K Gold (1 Tola)Rs. 244300.00
24K Gold (10 Gram)Rs. 209450.00
24K Gold (1 Gram)Rs.20945.00
5 june.2024 Gold Price


Gold remains a crucial part of Pakistan’s economic and cultural landscape. By keeping you informed with the latest and most accurate gold prices, we hope to assist you in making informed decisions, whether for investment, jewelry making, or personal interest.

Remember to bookmark this page and visit daily for your gold price updates.

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